In My Journey: The Story of an Unexpected Leader


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In My Journey: The Story of an Unexpected Leader, Charo Santos-Concio asserts that her serendipitous path to leadership is available to anyone who is curious about stories — particularly, one’s own unfolding life story. If we can trace the invisible thread that runs through our lives, from the people we meet to the events that happen to us, with our reflections on these, we can develop a degree of self-awareness that prepares us for any situation where leadership is called for. For Santos-Concio, this is how unexpected leaders emerge. When we seek to know our unique story, our personal journey, we will discover a sense of purpose that will propel us to unforeseen greatness. Santos-Concio broke through the glass ceiling of Philippine media industry by becoming the first woman president of ABS-CBN. She has also earned a reputation as one of the best storytellers in the business having created some of the most memorable Filipino movies and television shows over the last forty years. In her book, she digs deep into her own journey, combining personal anecdotes with insightful lessons, giving us a front row view of the fascinating world of movies and television even as she admits her own failures and vulnerabilities. She provides practical advice on how to overcome our fears, how to keep our eye on our goal, how to stay true to ourselves in a cutthroat environment, how to stick our neck out for something we believe in, and how to let go so others may succeed. In the process, she teaches us how to embrace our strengths and weaknesses, our joys and pains, so that we can become authentic and compassionate leaders. Written authoritatively yet intimately, the book inspires us to believe that, yes, it is possible to come from nowhere and yet make a difference in the world, to follow your heart and yet effectively challenge minds, to navigate vulnerability and power seamlessly, and to rise up and fall and rise up again holding on to the values we cherish. No doubt, this book will encourage more people to see their own journey, no matter how unlikely it may seem, as a leadership path.